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Our Vision

Our Vision is to become World's largest database of Talented people. We want the Talent of the people to be discovered. We want Talented people to make their dream come true, get work to showcase their talent and earn fame and money.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a platform to people with any kind of Talent to get noticed and gets work in the field of his Talent. No Talent should remain hidden. The people who seek Talent for their projects get the best talent for their projects.

What is Dream to Fame

Dream to Fame believes that everyone has some talent. Dream to Fame is an Easy Discovery Platform for Talented Artists & Technicians in the Entertainment, Media, Advertising & Event Industry. Suitable and Best Talent & Artists can be easily searched by Professional Talent Seekers. Just register and get on to the path of fame that you are dreaming of.

How Does it Work?

The Talented Artists & Technicians create their profile on Dream to Fame for Free. The Talent Seekers also create their profiles on Dream to Fame for Free. Registered Talent Seekers search the Talent Database easily and shortlist & contact the Talent suiting their requirement. Talent Seekers also post their requirements for their Assignments & Auditions and Talented Artists or Technicians apply for the same. They get connected and start working together. The Talent gets the opportunities and the Talent Seeker discovers the stars.

For Whom is Dream to Fame?

For Budding as well as Experienced & Established Talent. It’s not about the First break only. It’s also about continued opportunities.

For Full Time Artists as well as Part Time Artists who don’t want to leave their regular professions but keep earning opportunities for Fame and Public Appreciation.

Talent – Actors, Models, Singers, Musicians, Dancers / Choreographers, Photographers, Writers, Poets, Directors, Storytellers, Voice Artists, Painters, Illustrators, Hair, Make-up, Costume etc. etc.

Talent Seekers – Casting Directors / Agencies, Model Co-ordinators, Modelling Agencies, Film Makers, Production Houses, Event Agencies, TV Channels, Radio Channels, Recording Studios etc. etc.

Technicians – Editing, Camera, Visual Effects, Production, Light, Sound, Action, Art, Production & Post-Production.

What Dream to Fame is not?

Dream to Fame is not an Agent or Agency. We don’t charge any commission from the Talent or the Talent Seekers. Dream to Fame is not a competition to Professional Talent Seekers such as Casting Agencies, Modelling Agencies, Model Co-ordinators, Celebrity Managers or Production Houses etc. It in fact helps them in searching for Best & Suitable Talent by reducing their time, effort and cost in finding the kind of talent they are looking for.
Dream to Fame is not a competition to Performance Platforms such as TikTok, Smule etc. In fact, Dream to Fame, a Talent can give the link to their best performance on TikTok, Smule, Youtube etc. for the Talent Seekers to see their work.
Dream to Fame doesn’t offer jobs and doesn’t conduct auditions.

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