What is Dream To Fame?

Dream To Fame is the largest One Stop Platform for all types of Talented Artists where they can register to get discovered by the Talent seekers. While the Talent Seekers can post jobs & auditions to find Most Suitable Talented Artists for their upcoming project.
It is a Talent Discovery platform to give a platform to the hidden talent in various art & entertainment fields.
Dream to Fame has made it easy for Talent Seekers to find out the most deserving performer for their dream projects.

Who can register on dream to fame?

If you are a Talented Artist and looking for a platform to bring your talent into limelight, then, you can register on Dream to Fame under the genre of your talent and get discovered for numerous jobs & auditions by high-profile Talent Seekers.
If you are a Dancer, Singer, Musician, Photographer, Cartoonist, Scriptwriter, Actor, Model, Storyteller, Choreographer, Food Stylist, Costume Stylist, Fashion Designer, Make Artist, Hair Stylist, Photographer, etc., then register here to can earn round of applause & opportunities you deserve.
Not just for Talent but Dream to Fame also provides help to Talent Seekers to find out the talented stars to launch & steal the show. If you are an Audition company, Casting Director, Modelling Agency, Production House, Event Organiser, Reality Show Producer, School, Theatre Company, Photographer etc. then register on Dream to Fame to pick most suitable artists for your upcoming projects.

Why should I register here?

Everyone got a special talent and that God-gifted talent must be recognized. Register on Dream to Fame to apply for the jobs, assignments & projects posted by Talent seekers. You may get discovered for your Dream break To Fame.
Talent Seekers should register here to Most Suitable Talented Artists for their upcoming projects to steal the show. We have a huge database of Artists from different genres of art, register with us and get access to loads of Talent around you.

How do I create my profile?

Talent – Please note that a well detailed Profile will enhance your chances to be shortlisted for further contact. Please fill all the relevant details for your profile. Please write a proper description about yourself. Please upload the relevant files such as recent Photographs/Portfolio, Youtube Video Links of your work, Audio files of your songs, voice, Images of the Ad you appeared in or the stage show you performed in etc. A great Talented Artist but having a poorly created profile will find it very difficult to get noticed.
You can also give your smule id or TikTok id for Talent Seekers to go there and check your Talent there too. And don’t forget to add Tags. Tags are any words that you think will be used by Talent Seekers that match you and your Talent. For example if you think that your personality is well suited for a role of a Police Inspector, then you can add the word ‘Police’ as Tag. So if a Casting Agent also searches using a Tag word ‘Police’, your profile will appear in Search Results.
Talent Seeker – Please fill all the details about you and your company and attach your or your company profile. A complete profile will separate you from the fake, unprofessional conmen. A detailed, Professional Profile will attract the right Talent to you.

What are the chances of being hired for my Dream Break?

Dream to Fame is the largest One Stop platform for their new assignments. So, if you have the talent and your profile & portfolio reflects your passion & perfection then on Dream to Fame, you can access & apply for many opportunities to make your Dream To Fame come true.
How to make payment?
Currently as the Launch offer, we are offering 12 Months Premium Membership FREE to both the Talented Artists and the Talent Seekers. Talent can apply for unlimited Job & Audition Opportunities. Talent Seekers can have unlimited access to the Talent Database and can contact an unlimited number of Talented Artists and Post Unlimited number of their Jobs and Auditions.

How will Talent Seekers contact me?

If any Talent Seeker finds your profile suitable then they can send you a message directly. But we advise you to check the credentials of the Talent Seeker thoroughly before replying to meeting them.

How can I apply for jobs/auditions on dreams of fame?

We made it very easy to find a job on Dream to Fame. Register on our platform & complete your profile. Add details & some glimpse of your talent to earn the recognition of Talent Seekers. Get the access and apply to numerous job options & auditions posted by Talent Seekers. The more the Talent Seekers find your profile interesting & deserving, chances are high to get hired.

How can I change the status of my job/audition postings?

Anytime you can change the status of your job. Login to our Website or Mobile APP and go to the posted jobs section. Click on the Edit option against the Job or Audition you want to update. Navigate to the status field and change the status. Login -> Posted Jobs -> Job/Audition -> Status

What are the advantages of Premium membership?

  • - You can get unlimited access to Jobs & Auditions posted by Talent Seekers.
  • - You can add unlimited entries to your portfolio.
  • - You can apply to unlimited Job/Assignments.
  • - You can register for 3 categories.

Is it safe to upload my pictures & details on Dream to Fame?

Dream to Fame is very safe and protected through advanced technologies. Your Pictures, Videos, contact details & Payment details are utterly secure with us. Your profile is visible only to other Registered Talent Seekers. Our advantage is that we don’t show your profile to unregistered users visiting the website or even other Registered Talent who are competing with you.

Can I register in multiple Talent categories?

Yes, if you have multiple Talents then you can register for upto 3 categories using the same account. You can deactivate any of the 3 Profiles or delete your registration completely.

How can I add my YouTube & Tik Tok videos on Dream to Frame?

As of now, You can only embed your YouTube Video Links. The Talent Seeker can watch the videos by clicking on the links. You can give your TikTok id or Smule id in your profile description. Any Talent Seeker can read and visit your Smule or TikTok profile to see more of your work.

How to delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, go to profile section

-> click on settings -> go to My Account -> Click Delete my Account -> Answer Why you want to Delete your Account? -> click Yes on the Prompt -> Your account is deleted -> Give feedback.

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